Tristin Fleetwood - Certified Health and Wellness Coach/Licensed Esthetician

Tristin Fleetwood - Certified Health and Wellness Coach/Licensed Esthetician

It all started...

When I was 14 I began to have severe migraines and chronic stomach issues. What I didn't know was I would spend the next 10 years of my life seeking out over 20 medical professionals, receive 13 different diagnoses and over 30 pharmaceutical prescriptions. It wouldn't be until I was 24 years old that I would finally find the right group of medical providers, mentors, and coaches to finally regain control over my own health. I was so inspired by my personal Health Coach that I began my Certification Training for Health and Wellness Coaching in 2016. In July of 2017 I was sent to Mayo Clinic, where they found I had an active staph-infection that had likely been plaguing my body for over 10 years. The infection had caused issues with my Thyroid, Digestion, Adrenal Glands, Sleep Patterns, White Blood Cell count, and more. Once we isolated the infection and began treatment, I was quickly able to function like a normal (I've never been all that normal, it makes life a little more fun) 24 year old. I am still left with damage from the infection; in my body's desperate attempt to heal itself, I developed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've been able to put the condition into remission through a brief period of medication and continued diet and lifestyle support. I still experience migraines, but on a much less frequent basis; and I manage my compromised immune system through a combination of Chinese Medicine and lifestyle care (coaching, counseling, proper diet, massage, exercise, meditation, chiropractic and LOTS of self care.) I battled my health issues without a coach for over 10 years, and within months after seeking out a Health Coach of my own, I was able to sort out my priorities and embark on my very specific journey to better health. This made becoming a Certified Coach one of the easiest decisions in my life.

I never dreamed in my mid 20's I would have published 3 Health Articles on a site that has over a million followers, or that I would have the opportunity to have men and women from all over the world reach out to me telling me that my story had made them feel less alone. Growing up, all I ever wanted was to not feel alone in my medical chaos. Had I known then what I know now, I would've looked at, and loved the world a little differently as a child/young adult. Now my goal is to inspire and empower as many people as my words and physical being come into contact with. I want to help people believe in their bodies and the power they may not know they possess within themselves. I want to inspire positive body talk, and that by gaining a sense of belief in our body's innate ability to heal itself, we can physically alter the state of our health.

I believe if I can inspire someone to stay strong through their tough times, remain true to their wants and beliefs, and express the realest version of themselves; then I've served my purpose on this planet. 

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