Self Love | Body Confidence | Mindfulness


Self talk, energy and emotions are what run a lot of our body's functions. Through extensive training and lots of self work, I've learned to help people utilize their energy and internal dialogue rather than 'suffer' from it. For example, anxiety is a form of energy that many of us face on a daily basis. Most of the time we don't fully know where that anxious energy is truly stemming from. Through a combination of coaching and intuitive energy work, I'm able to help clients assess that anxiety, help remove emotional blocks, and use that same anxious energy for the positive. Helping people to communicate with their bodies in times of chaos or unease, creates an effective environment within for healing and tremendous self growth.

  • 4 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Body Communication Work Shop

  • Symptom Talk Education

  • Self image awareness, mood enhancement, energy boosting techniques, sleep practices and so much more.

14 Day - Mind & Body Revamp $350.00


Energy Boost | Habit Enhance | De-Clutter

How you do one thing is how you do everything, and little changes over time make for great transformations. In this 14 day program we take you through the basic 6 steps for revamping your daily life. From water intake, nutrition insight, home/office/car de-cluttering, body talk and much more. We will customize a 2 week plan that gets you moving in the right direction towards less stress, and better health. You will meet with me in person, via phone, or via Skype/Facetime 1 time per week for 2 weeks. (I do allow one e-mail check-in between sessions to answer any erns if the need should arise.)

  • 2 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • De-Clutter Workshop

  • Mindful Eating Education

  • Energy boost techniques, sleep enhancement and so much more.

got clutter? - end the clutter struggle

Productivity | de-clutter | Time Management


Have you ever wondered how to turn your internal and external clutter into organized chaos instead of just chaos? Why the word chaos you may ask? Simply because life is chaotic. There will be ups, downs, tears, and laughter that make their way through our daily existence in the blink of an eye. This doesn’t always leave us the time or emotional readiness to keep our living areas looking their best. Unless you have just begun living a life of minimalism. It is likely you have areas of clutter/chaos in your home, office or vehicle. This is normal! We remind our clients regularly that perfection does not exist. It is better to have organized chaos than just plain chaos. Put a method to the madness. Let me help you start the process. Pricing may vary. Click below for further details. (I do allow one e-mail check-in between each session to answer any questions or address concerns if the need should arise.)

  • 7 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Before & After Life Coaching Consults

  • Accountability Work-Shop

  • Master the Mind. Master Life. Workshop

Ask Me Anything - 1 Time Session $190.00

Self-care | body positivity | lifestyle | stress

ask me anything.JPG

This is a one-time session designed specifically to answer any questions you might have about self-care, body positivity, lifestyle, stress, sleep or anything else you may want to inquire about. During a regular coaching relationship, we work side by side to create a path leading you to specific goals you may have, an Ask Me Anything session differs slightly and offers you the opportunity to get one-on-one coaching and advice about what you may already be doing or are interested in beginning in your wonderfully unique life. 

Please come prepared with questions and know that you may also take notes!

If I don’t have the answers you’re looking for, I will either refer you out to one of my community partners, or do any research necessary and follow up with a post session email.